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Product Features of RIHUI Ceramic Welding Backing

Product Features of  RIHUI Ceramic Welding Backing

 RIHUI Ceramic Welding Backing is a fine ceramic product composed of adequately mixed natural inorganic substances (kaolin, talc, alumina, magnesia etc.) that are heat-treated at high temperatures of 1,350ºC~1,400º C span.

Since CERBACK is heat-treated at high temperatures its shock resistance to rapid heating and cooling is excellent (coefficient of thermal expansion is 1.85 - 2.5 x 10-6 at 1,000º C ) and maintains superb stability against the high temperatures created good beads on the back side.

CERBACK has excellent characteristics of ceramic such as anti-acid, anti chemicals.and anti-corrosion and also caused no change or reaction of steel at the time of welding.


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