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Advanced Engineering Materials Types of Materials

Advanced Engineering Materials  Types of Materials      

    Materials may be grouped in several ways. Scientists often classify materials by their state: solid, liquid, or gas. They also separate them into organic (once living) and inorganic (never living) materials. Today’s  materials can be classified as metals and alloys, as polymers or plastics, as  ceramics, or as composites; composites, most of which are man-made, actually are combinations of different materials.      

     For industrial purposes, materials are divided into engineering materials or nonengineering materials. Engineering materials are those used in manufacture and become parts of products.        Nonengineering materials are the chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and other materials used in the manufacturing process, which do not become part of the product.     

       Engineering materials may be further subdivided into: ①Metal ②Ceramics ③Composite ④Polymers, etc.  


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