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Electronic Ceramics-1

Electronic Ceramics-1


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Electronic ceramics are integral components of numerous electronic devices including computers, wireless communication, automotive and industrial control systems, and digital switches. Saint-Gobain's high performance refractories are used by manufacturers of ceramic capacitors, substrates, integrated circuit packages, ferrites and piezoelectrics. They are also proven to withstand the extreme thermal demands of quartz and electronic/optical crystal manufacturing. ICelectro_cer.jpg





Our high strength alumina (Alundum® AS191A, Alundum® AS291A) and advanced SiC products are formulated to provide a smooth setting surface and maintain flatness after repeated cycling at a firing temperature that may be as high as 1650°C. Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials can also grind setting surfaces to 0.1% for the ultimate flatness requirements. ICsubstrates.jpg


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