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Electronic Ceramics-2

Electronic Ceramics-2

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Thin, high strength mullite setters (Andafrax, Mulnorite®KS766, AnnaMullit® and sandwich batts are used for firing soft ferrites (electromagnets) at a temperature ranging from 1300°C to 1400°C. Sandwich batts are manufactured with a core layer of silicate bonded SiC (Carbofrax®A) sandwiched between two non-reactive surfaces of mullite (Mullfrax®201).These batts provide improved thermal shock resistance and prolonged flatness retention.
Saint-Gobain's non-reactive zirconia setters (Zirnorite®ZN392) assist in achieving the highest ferrite permeability value.





Our refractories are chemically compatible with titanate materials used to manufacture a variety of products including capacitors, RF filters, resistors , thermistors and piezolelectrics.
High alumina (Alundum®AS191A, Alundum®AS291, AnnaCor 93) and zirconia coated alumina products provide excellent strength and low mass along with non-reactive setting surfaces.
Our solid zirconia refractories (Zirnorite®ZH392, Zirnorite®ZH730) are also compatible with the most reactive titanate materials.
All of our materials are formulated for exceptional thermal shock resistance and high strength at temperature.


Quartz & Crystals




Our dense, yttria stabilized zirconia shapes (Zirnorite® ZS730) or bubble zirconia based insulating fire bricks (Zirnorite® ZH595) and alumina (Alundum® AS191A, AnnaCor 93) refractories are proven to withstand extreme operating temperatures in Quartz and Crystal (ruby, sapphire, yttrium aluminum garnet, etc.) processing furnaces. Their low thermal conductivity is particularly valuable for minimizing heat losses and easily attaining maximum temperature.



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