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Thermocouple protection tubes and insulators

Thermocouple protection tubes and insulators


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Cost effective and safe high temperature processes require an accurate and reliable temperature control.

We can help you better monitor the temperature of your operation, because we will work with you to make thermocouple sheaths, thermocouple insulators and pyrometer tubes to meet your specific needs.



Ceramic thermocouple protection tubes and pyrometer tubes


Our outstanding expertise in refractory ceramic materials shaping technologies allows us to design and manufacture the thermocouple protection tubes and sheaths or pyrometer tubes you need for the best control of your high temperature processes.

Tubes made of SiC products like Carbofrax® A, AnnaSicon® 24, Advancer® and Silit® SK are available.
For the most demanding service conditions, we recommend Crystar® 2000 or Hexoloy® SE SiC (SSiC).

Thermocouple insulators


Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials high purity Alundum®; fused Al2O3 and Magnorite®;fused MgO crushable insulators provide the electrical insulation in swaged or drawn metal sheathed thermocouples.

The insulators are carefully threaded on thermocouple conductor wires and inserted inside seamless metal tubing. The entire assembly is then swaged or drawn down to the desired dimensions. During swaging the insulators crush readily into a powder which is compacted around the thermocouple wires to provide electrical insulation. Saint-Gobain Ceramics crushable insulators provide several benefits :

  • the swaging process allows you to manufacture thermocouples in virtually any configuration
  • because our insulators are made from high purity ceramics, you can make thermocouples that are much more accurate;
  • because they're crushable, you have much greater control over the density and electrical insulation, again meaning thermocouples are much more accurate.


Our crushable insulators are offered in diameters from 0.56 mm to 12.70 mm, in lengths from 25 mm to 102 mm, and with 1 to 4 holes. And that's just the standard range! We can provide countless variations in custom designs.

With our high-purity crushable ceramics, you can produce the more accurate thermocouples that the nuclear, aerospace, petrochemical, foundry and other industries demand today.


Whether it's a jet engine or an induction furnace, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials can help you build a better thermocouple.






Please contact us for more information on material properties and discussion of your specific application and service conditions.

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