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GAS SHIELDED FLUX CORED: Supporters of pulsed MIG or metal cored wires for pipe fill passes often bring up concerns about the gas shielded flux cored wires and "weld slag", however the slag benefits usually outweigh the slag issues.

When using the flux cored (FCAW) weld consumables recommended at this site, and those weld consumables are correctly applied, the flux cored weld slag should fall off during and after the weld. If the weld slag does not fall off, it should take only a few seconds to remove. A positive point in pipe welding is the removal of the weld slag gives the welder an opportunity to examine the weld between passes.

FLUX CORED WELD DEPOSITION: In contrast to pulsed MIG and metal cored wires for pipe welds, the flux cored slag that acts as a mold and protects for the molten metal, enables higher wire feed (deposition) rates increasing both manual and weld automation weld production potential. Depending on the flux cored wire manufacturer's product, you can expect 8 to 12 lb/hr deposition rate for "all position" steel pipe and fabrication welds.

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