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Rihui welding company management

Rihui welding company management is wise when their focus is on:


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[1] the pipe side wall weld fusion potential of the weld process or consumables utilized especially with the first and second fill passes over the root, 

[2] the weld personnel awareness of the optimum process control, parameter ranges and technique requirements for weld defect prevention,

[3] controlling pipe, alignment dimensions, edge 
preps and root gap dimensions to minimize the 
opportunity for pipe root weld and side wall fusion problems, 

[4] the weld deposition rate potential of the weld process or consumables utilized,

[5] how easy it is to utilize the process or consumables recommended,

[6] how suitable and durable is the weld equipment selected for the shop or field work. When welding with flux cored be aware that regular, low cost CV MIG equipment will outperform inverters, multi-process power sources and pulsed MIG equipment. The CV equipment will cost less, be more durable and easier to repair.

[7] The suitability of the weld consumable selected especially for the overhead welds. In this position check the weld fluidity, ease of use and the weld transfer. Take note of the weld spatter generated in the over head position. The weld spatter can end up in the nozzle blocking either the gas flow or the contact tip bore, causing porous welds, or a wire burn back.

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